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van CCT (UK)

van CCT (UK)

Gerandomiseerde trial naar kosteneffectiviteit van collaborative stepped care bij angststoornissen in de eerste lijn.

- candidate number2789
- NTR NumberNTR1071
- ISRCTNISRCTN wordt niet meer aangevraagd
- Date ISRCTN created
- date ISRCTN requested
- Date Registered NTR5-okt-2007
- Secondary IDs17099.2701 Trimbos instituut
- Public TitleGerandomiseerde trial naar kosteneffectiviteit van collaborative stepped care bij angststoornissen in de eerste lijn.
- Scientific TitleCost effectiveness of a collaborativestepped care intervention for anxiety disorders in the primary care setting.
- hypothesisCollaborative stepped care for anxiety disorders in primary care is cost effective compared with Care As Usual.
- Healt Condition(s) or Problem(s) studiedGeneralised anxietydisorder, Panic disorder
- Inclusion criteriaPatients in the primary care setting who fulfill DSM-IV criteria for GAD or PD.
- Exclusion criteria1. Psychosis;
2. suicidality;
3. dementia;
4. other severe cognitive problems.
- mec approval receivedyes
- multicenter trialyes
- randomisedyes
- masking/blindingSingle
- controlActive
- groupParallel
- Type2 or more arms, randomized
- Studytypeintervention
- planned startdate 1-apr-2008
- planned closingdate1-apr-2011
- Target number of participants134
- InterventionsCollaborative stepped care in the primary care setting.
- Primary outcomeBAI
- Secondary outcomeQALY, costs.
- TimepointsBaseline assessment and follow up after 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.
- Trial web site
- statusopen: patient inclusion
- CONTACT FOR PUBLIC QUERIESProf. Dr. C.M. Feltz-Cornelis, van der
- CONTACT for SCIENTIFIC QUERIESProf. Dr. C.M. Feltz-Cornelis, van der
- Sponsor/Initiator Trimbos-institute - Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction
- Funding
(Source(s) of Monetary or Material Support)
ZON-MW, The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development
- Publications
- Brief summaryObjective: to study effects and costs of a three-steps collaborative stepped care intervention versus Care As Usual for patients with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and panic disorder (PD) in primary care in 40 general practitioner (GP) practices.
- Main changes (audit trail)
- RECORD5-okt-2007 - 21-apr-2008

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